Tuesday, October 28, 2008



Well, it's raining out. It's a good day to watch a movie, curl up with a good book, or catch up with a writing project. It's also a good day to just stare out of the window and think about things.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Thin Man...

Yes, the title of this particluar post is, The Thin Man.... and no it doesn't refer to the great mystery series that featured the erudite if perpetually inebriated Nick and Nora... it also doesn't refer to the fact that I have recently shed more than 20 pounds... unfortunately it refers to the fact that I think I may have spread myself a little thin in my quest for gaining more readers for my novel. What I mean is that since the publication of my novel, I have joined a myriad of literary websites, joined clubs, associations, blogs, organizations, fellows, etc. Now I find that in trying to keep up with all of those things, I actually wind up failing them all to one degree or another. Not only that, but I find that I spend so much time at those tasks that I haven't spent near enough time at my actual writing. Anyway, even with the knowledge that marketing is extremely important, I find that I must pull back somewhat if I am to ever finish (or even start) some of the other projects that I want to sink my teeth into. Do other authors exeperience this feeling of being pulled in multiple directions at once like a soft, malleable piece of taffy? Um-m-m, taffy, yum-yum. Do you feel guilt when you leave the marketing of your current project in order to work on your next one? Alas, until next time.... ciao.