Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Now Available...

My novel is now available for sale on my publisher's web site. I always thought that at this moment I'd feel elation, excitement, and accomplishment... instead I find myself possessed of feelings more akin to dread. Now that the rubber is meeting the road, I wonder if it was all worth it. What will readers think of it? What will be the reactions of family, relatives, friends, associates, complete strangers? Will my words cause the controversy I'd hoped, or will they fall flat and leave everyone feeling as if they'd just wasted their time? Only time will tell...

Friday, January 18, 2008

Cover me, Scotty!

Today I received the first draft of my novel's cover design. It was so strange... I guess the fact that my novel is finally being published never really hit me until I actually saw that cover. It's mine. My name on the cover, partially my design, my photo on the back cover... it's me. Mine. Wow.

My publisher asked if I had any ideas concerning how the cover should look. I designed a cover and emailed it to them. The cover they sent back was very close to my design, so that makes it doubly special for me. I am sorely tempted to simply sit on my laurels, enjoy the ride, and see where this all goes... Yet, I know that the wisest course of action would be to continue working on my second novel, and eventually start on my third, etc. Keep going. Write. Create.

I'm working on marketing my novel as well, trying to generate interest. Working to keep it away from the bargain bin as long as possible. I am no salesman... I believe that most artists, writers, and the like, make lousy business people--the opposing sides of their brains war constantly for dominion--the creative side and the... other side. Rarely will a person achieve both, although many have through sore necessity become artists with some knowledge of business, contracts, marketing, and all those things that so many creative people find so-o-o-oo boring. Didn't YOU fail accounting 101?

The cover... so cool.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Well kiddies, it's finally happened... I am now a published author! My first novel Chickenhawk will hit the shelves starting next month with an initial printing of 8,000. Will it sell? Will it flop? Only the Gods can tell... What I am hoping however is that it will cause controversy, conversation, consternation... at the very least a squirming discomfort among at least some of my readers or reviewers. I mean, I hope they enjoy the read... it's just that I feel that crime writers, like horror writers, sometimes aim not just for the mind and heart, but for the viscera.

I started my novel over ten years ago when I was employed as a Token Booth Clerk with NYC Transit. I worked nights and the nocturnal activities of the young, male prostitutes caught my attention... no, not that way... I wondered why these tough-looking, urban youths were doing what they were doing, and their answers surprised and intrigued me. They looked and acted like any other of the young, thuggish males that populate the urban areas of cities all over country, yet they made their money by selling their bodies. I talked to them, between customers, and all of them, everyone, insisted they were not gay but committed acts of prostitution with other men mostly for partying money. This was one of the things that intrigued me... and so it is now part of my novel.

I'm not much of a talker, no doubt there will be those who will say that I am also not much of a writer, regardless, I will try to keep this blog current. Chickenhawk is my first novel, I am currently working on my second. This is also my first blog (like I said, I'm not the talkative type), so I ask that you bear with me. Thanks.