Monday, February 18, 2008

Limited Feedback

Well, some limited feedback has begun trickling in concerning my debut novel, Chickenhawk. Some of the information is good, some of the information is bad. Here's the gist:
The novel could have used some added editing and revising. I agree. Most of it is just little stuff like missing punctuation (mostly not my fault), but there are some mistakes which can be glaring, like some grammar (mostly my fault). There is a flashback sequence which should have been more clearly defined as a flashback in order to reduce any confusion. One person stated that she didn't believe the antagonist's motivation for muder (she obviously doesn't read the papers where people are killed every day for no reason at all), and a few other things but these were the main ones. The news is mostly good, especially where my characters are concerned. Most people find the characters believeable and 3-dimensional, most people are reacting to my characters and what they do as I hoped they would. All in all, it's all been pretty decent. So far...

Sunday, February 3, 2008

The book... at last!

My publishers sent me my free authors copies of my book... they're great. Or perhaps I should say it's great. My daughter, who at first didn't really want to read my novel because of its content, asked for one to read after she saw one and actually held it in her hands. She said out loud the same thing I was thinking, "Wow, it looks like a REAL book..." Yes, it does. It does look like a real book, at least to us. I am very proud, and I'm sure my parents are too. Now we wait and see how it sells.. or not. Like almost any writer, I am hoping that it seels well enough to propel me into the bestseller lists (at least one). Or maybe just well enough to garner it a mention from a reviewer (hopefully a positive one). Well, we'll see... meanwhile, I've got to get to work on the next one... ciao!